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The Crystal Air-to-Air Heat Pump

Following up on their range of solar products, Crystal Windows are once again moving towards a greener and more sustainable future, utilising the most up to date technologies available in the market today.

Welcome to the Crystal Windows Air-to-Air Heat Pump; suitable for a wide variety of property types and styles and whilst fuel costs are rising this product can help our customers reduce energy costs and run a more efficient home.

What is an Air-to-Air Pump?

With the continuing influx of solar products saturating the sustainable energy market, this question will be on your lips.

An Air-to-Air Pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling system designed to provide year round comfort whatever the weather.

Outside air, even on cold days contains latent heat, which can be converted to provide environmentally friendly, low cost heating for a wide range of domestic properties. Using a similar principle to a refrigerator but in reverse the Air-toAir Heat Pumps outdoor unit draws in and warms the outside air before transferring it into the property where it is circulated by an indoor fan unit.

The Crystal Windows Air-to-Air Heat Pump could produce up to 5 times more heat than the electrical energy it uses and as an added benefit this operating process can be reversed in the warmer months to provide cooling air.

The Air-to-Air Heat Pump also incorporates Plasmaduster Ion Technology. A unique active air purification feature which neutralises air-home bacteria, viruses and allergens which is particularly beneficial to Asthma and Hay Fever sufferers. This technology is also effective against odours such as tobacco smoke.

The Envirosolar Heat Pumps are A rated for performance and have an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 3.5.

What are the features and benefits?

The Crystal Windows Air-to-Air pump has a number of features and benefits, including;

  • Compact and low noise generation
  • Self cleaning functionality
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long life expectancy (10-12 years)

The many features and benefits displayed by the Crystal Windows Air-to-Air pump system provide the perfect product for efficient, technology savvy and green homeowners.

Please get in contact today regards this fantastic product.

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