Sliding Sash Windows

The sliding sash window, often referred to as a "Georgian Window", reflecting the period when this style reached the peak of its popularity, is a classic window design. It has timeless elegance and beautiful proportions which enhance the appearance of almost any home - period or modern, town or country.

Unfortunately traditional timber sliding windows have brought with them a number of problems: First, the ravages of the British climate can cause timber to twist or warp, leading to windows "sticking" and becoming difficult to open and close or, when the winds blow, the sashes rattling in the frame, creating a draughty and noisy nuisance.
Secondly the traditional "weights, cord and pulleys" mechanism, which ensures the sliding sash stays in position when the window is raised, can deteriorate and prove expensive to replace. Finally, virtually all Timber windows are painted or stained and require periodic maintenance: Stripping, filling, sanding, priming and re-painting.

Early attempts to use the benefits of maintenance free PVC-U frame materials were not particularly attractive being particularly bulky in concept. The frames thereby appearing clumsy when compared to the elegant sightlines of period designs.
It took the latest computer aided 3D design technology plus considerable investment to achieve the necessary combination of a slim, but strong, durable frame which now makes up the Crystal® Sliding Sash Window. For true authenticity, Crystal® sliding sash windows incorporate a deep bottom rail and run through sash horns.
As with all Crystal® windows, energy efficiency has been our goal and all of our white sliding sash windows are “A6 rated.”

All Crystal© products meet or exceed the requirements of Building Regulations Part L Revised Oct 2010.

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