Crystal's Remarkable Recommendation Rewards Program: Earn Cash Bonuses While Sharing the Love!

Crystal is delighted to introduce its comprehensive recommendation rewards program.
Did you know that by recommending Crystal to your friends, family or anyone, you can earn lucrative cash bonuses? Whether you're an existing customer or not, this program is open to everyone!

Unlocking the Power of Recommendations:

At Crystal, we understand the power of personal recommendations. That's why we've developed a rewards program that not only appreciates your support but also allows you to earn generous cash bonuses. Here's how it works:

  1. Earn £200 for Each Successful Recommendation:
    When you recommend Crystal and this results in a successful order, you will receive a fantastic £200 cash bonus from us! It's a win-win situation: whoever you recommended benefits from our exceptional products and services, while you get rewarded for your trust and recommendation.

  2. The More You Recommend, the More You Earn:
    Our rewards program values your loyalty and dedication. As you continue to recommend Crystal, your potential earnings increase:
    1. On your 5th recommendation: You will receive an impressive £500 cash bonus instead of £200. It's our way of recognizing your commitment to spreading the word about Crystal's excellence.
    2. On your 10th recommendation (for existing customers only): We'll reward you with another £500 cash bonus or the balance of your installation, minus any referral fees already paid. (if not an existing customer it’s the £500 bonus) We appreciate your ongoing support and want to ensure you feel truly valued as a loyal customer.

Terms and Conditions for Eligibility:

To ensure a fair and transparent rewards program, please take note of the following terms and conditions:

  • The order value from each person recommended must exceed a minimum order value of £2500 for you to qualify for the £200 cash bonus.
  • The recommendation fee will be payable upon the completion of a successful recommendation which includes installation and payment in full.

Embrace the Rewards and Start Recommending:

Crystal's recommendation rewards program offers a remarkable opportunity to earn cash bonuses while sharing the love for our exceptional products and services. Whether you're a satisfied customer or simply admire our brand, we invite you to join us in this exciting initiative. Share the benefits of Crystal with everyone and reap the rewards that await you!


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